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"Book Strap" is a cloud-based service offering tools for creating Japanese puzzle books, specifically designed for Amazon KDP and other POD marketplaces.

It streamlines the process of making puzzle books with features like a large puzzle image library, automatic sequential numbering, and a random image/numbering option for uniqueness.

The service is user-friendly, eliminates the need for graphic designers or complicated software, and targets the lucrative Japanese puzzle book market.

It's compatible with both PC and Mac, offers various book sizes, and simplifies the creation of both physical and printable puzzle books

Version 3.3.0: Has Fifteen Different Japanese Puzzles - 90+ combined difficulty levels. Content library consists of 5.75+ million 300dpi images, Content Publishing Tools and Sudoku Quote Generators.

"Bookstrap Version 3.3.0 streamlines the puzzle building process, enabling you to spend more time on your projects, while compiling any type of Japanese Puzzle Book in just a few minutes."

"By Utilizing the Built-in Content Library."

Enhance your Low Content Publishing even further with Book Strap's updated Version 3.3.0, featuring a suite of 11 essential tools and Now with Brand New Sudoku Quote Generators.

"Each Tool Is Designed To Make Your Publishing Process Smoother And Your Products More Appealing."

Removing of Duplicate Content is essential for maintaining the quality and uniqueness of your low content books. Duplicate content can harm your brand's reputation and reduce customer satisfaction. By automatically detecting and removing repetitions, you ensure each page in your activity books, journals, or planners is fresh and engaging. This tool saves time and improves the overall standard of your publications.

Eliminating duplicate content is crucial for maintaining the quality and uniqueness of your low-content books. Duplicate content can damage your brand's reputation and lower customer satisfaction. By automatically detecting and removing repetitions, you ensure that each page in your activity books, journals, or planners is fresh and engaging. This tool saves time and enhances the overall standard of your publications.

Automatically capitalizing the first letter of sentences enhances the professionalism of your text. This is particularly useful for titles, headings, and the beginning of paragraphs in your publications. It ensures consistency across your products, making them appear more polished and professionally edited.

Converting To Lower Case is handy when you need to standardize text format, especially in cases where you're compiling text from various sources. Consistent lowercase text is crucial in certain design elements for a neat and uniform appearance.

Using Upper Case letters can grab attention and highlight important sections in your low content books. This technique is great for titles, headings, and special notices, giving your books a dynamic and varied visual layout and with your Word Search or Scramble Puzzles

Keeping track of the word count is vital for creating balanced content. Ensures that your journals, planners, or activity books are not too wordy or too sparse, maintaining an ideal balance of text and space.

Adding a Word Scrambler to your "Arsenal/Toolkit" to add word scramble puzzles to your low content books can increase their appeal. This Word Scrambler software helps you easily create fun and challenging puzzles, providing variety to your customers and setting your books apart from competitors.

Word Search puzzles are very popular activities. You can quickly create Word Search puzzles, tailored to the theme of your book, adding an interactive element that customers love.

Incorporating Sudoku Calendar puzzles into a calendar format is a creative way to combine planning with entertainment. This feature appeals to those who enjoy daily challenges, making your calendars more appealing and unique.

Sudoku Calendar No Url, offers a version without a Web URL means it is ideal for Amazon KDP terms for not allowing hyperlinks.

A Non-URL option for your Sudoku Generator. It's ideal for Amazon KDP terms, for not allowing hyperlinks. You could even use for creating PLR puzzle books or fulfill Fiver gigs.

Stand out amongst the noise by adding Random Sudoku Dog Quotes to your Sudoku Books. Awesome Dog Breeds and Sudoku Quote Generator

Random Pen Names and Sudoku Quotes Generator. What an easy peasy way of being different than all the other players. Have your Sudoku Book full of Random Pen Names and Sudoku Quotes

Random Sudoku Quotes Generator. Here's another easy way of being different than all the other players. Have your Sudoku Book full of just Random Sudoku Quotes

"Uncover the benefits of using Bookstrap for all your Japanese Puzzle Books!"

"Make Your KDP Japanese Paperback Puzzle Books or Printables as and When Required."

Why you should use The Cloud-Based Puzzle Book Compiler App?

  • 1. The Cloud-Based Puzzle Book Compiler App simplifies the process of creating Japanese puzzles for Amazon KDP, which can generate a significant income.

  • 2. The app provides a user-friendly interface and a vast content library to make the process of creating Japanese puzzle books faster, simpler, and easier.

  • 3. The app also eliminates the need for expensive graphic designers and complicated software, while providing automatic sequential numbering to ensure the originality of the puzzle books.

  • 4. The market for Japanese Puzzle Books is large and growing, with billions of dollars in sales each year.

Bookstrap Created These Amazing Japanese Puzzle Books in Just Under 30 Seconds!

(NOTE: The use of the flip book is just to illustrate the Puzzle Book.)

(NOTE: The use of the flip book is just to illustrate the Puzzle Book.)

Don't Just Take My Word For How Amazing The Cloud Based Bookstrap Compiler App Is...

Mr. Ronald Pumfleet: I have been following you on both your FB pages and with this new Cloud Based Bookstrap Compiler App you have outdone yourself.

I used your earlier versions and they worked great. This version I have not tried yet, which I will soon. Thank you very much for creating very time-saving Automation solutions at very affordable prices. Appreciate it -- Ganti Murty.

I really love the Cloud Based Bookstrap Compiler App.
It not only takes me a fraction of the time I'd normally take to create one Coloring Book, but I can also create multiple books in one sitting.

The best part of the experience is the man behind the software.

Ron listens, supports customers with a gentle humour and is ever looking for new features to add to the experience -- Clyde Eugene

It's a lean mean Puzzle Book creating machine.

What used to take me hours to produce a Japanese Puzzle Book; now this peice of software changed that to Minutes.

Well worth the cost in time saved; it does all the work. -- Karl Perkins.

Great piece of software.

Simple and easy to use, what more can you ask for.

Saves me time in creating Japanese Puzzle Books. (10 Books 15 mins) -- JP.

I love the way the Compiler just simply works. Click the button, out pops a book. Click it again, out pops another.
All software should be this easy.

Now, about support. Not being very techie, I did have some questions at first. But Ron was right there with answers and solutions.
I count this Product a safe bet. -- Charles Burke.

I recently published a series of Puzzle Books on Amazon KDP using the Activity Book Compiler, (another of Ron's great software), and I can honestly say it was a breeze.

The ability to select the source file and folder paths directly within the software makes it so easy.

Once you have personalised the provided PowerPoint file(s) to your brand and created your Acyivity Book, just a few clicks to select your file paths and preferred output options gets your book created automatically within minutes.

I'll definitely be using the Cloud Based Bookstrap App to build up my portfolio of Japanese Puzzle Books, it's easy to use and such a time saver, great value for money. -- Paul Burgess

Thanks for the Awesome software to reduce a significant amount of time while creating the Japanese Puzzle Books.

I’ve personally used this software to create Japanese Puzzle Books & it helped to create 10+ books in a matter of minutes.

Best part is that, these books are in fact ready to be uploaded right away with ‘No Extra’ work to your KDP account. -Laksh (OnlineMoneyBee.com)

Thanks to Ron, I have been able to Scale up on my KDP profits through the Cloud Based Puzzle Book Compiler.

A little learning curve but worth it. Certainly love the software.

I'd recommend the software for anyone who is interested in Japanese Puzzle Book creation. Thanks Ron! -- AA (name suppression requested)

Open For The Next 275 211 Memberships! First In Best Dressed.
The Price will increase without warning!

Vers: 2.0 Special Pricing
Vers: 2.0 Special PricingVers: 2.0 Special Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions!.

1Do you offer refunds?

No. We offer a Free account so you can see exactly what you are getting when you upgrade your membership/subscription. This will give you plenty of time to evaluate whether the Cloud Based Puzzle Book Compiler, (Bookstrap), fits your requirements

Any future purchase of a membership will be at the going rate at the time of order.

2What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You will have access upto and including the date your subscription started. Example: If your subscription started on the 24th of the month and you cancel the following 17th; you will have 7 days left before access is restricted.

3What happens to my files when I cancel my subscription?

Your books will be available to download in both formats upto and including the last day of your subscription.

4What happens if I do not renew my subscription?

Your campaigns will remain on the server for 30 days after your subscription expires, This will give you time to renew without losing your Books.
After the 30 days all your books will be permanently deleted and membership terminated.

5Can I sell the source code to the Puzzle Books as Printables I create using the Cloud Based Puzzle Book Compiler?

Absolutely NOT. You do not have licensing rights to sell the source code.

6What License rights do I have to the Cloud Based Puzzle Book Compiler?

Commercial and Personal Use ONLY. You can use the Cloud Based Puzzle Book Compiler for your own Personal Use and to compile Japanese Puzzle Books for your clients.
You have all rights to sell your creations/compilations in any ethical manner without restrictions except the following: You DO NOT have PLR Licensing Rights to sell to other authors.

7Is your software Newbie friendly?

Yes. Watch the training videos before sending in a support ticket. The Answers to the majority of questions are covered in the training videos.

We have listed those above.

8Do You Provide Support & Training?

Support & Training is provided through the Private Facebook Group and in your Private Members area.

9Do you have an Affiliate Program to sell memberships to the Cloud Based Puzzle Book Compiler App (Bookstrap)?

Not at this point in time.

10Is the Cloud Based Puzzle Book Compiler available in other languages?

Not at this point in time.

11Who is behind the Cloud Based Puzzle Book Compiler, (Bookstrap.cloud).

Ron Pumfleet (coder and KDP author)